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Ensuring An Efficient, Effective Workforce

GRBHS Human Resources Department is responsible for a broad range of services for GRBHS employees and job applicants, with the goal of ensuring an efficient and effective workforce to serve our clients.

Some of the Human Resources Department's major functions include , resolving employee and applicant concerns, interpreting and ensuring compliance of mental health/HIPPA laws contracts, developing and interpreting employee policies and procedures, dealing with disciplinary issues, maintaining employee records, and training employees

The mission of GRBHS HR is to acquire, maximize, and leverage talent by fostering a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and value using strategic-innovative solutions, shared partnerships, and an employee-driven focus to meet the changing needs of the employees and our clients and into the future as we position GRBHS to be an Employer of Choice.

Phone: (678) 723-4448

Fax: (678) 528-2351

EMail: hr@ginger-ridgebehavioralhealthservices.com